A Great Place To Start3-Day FREE A Winner’s Mindset Masterclass to Level-Up, Leverage Time & Lead in Your Field

The mentorship masterclass for female entrepreneurs is the first of its kind that provides women, mothers, female leaders, and managers with the desired confidence required to attain success in a world overrun with challenges.

The Mentorship masterclass will enable participants to practice proven success principles and receive feedback on a range of A-grade mentorship tools. The Masterclass also explores the skills associated with team collaboration, engagement with colleagues, alignment of goals, and handling difficult situations.

Who is the masterclass for?

The masterclass is for any female participant at any level of their career or entrepreneurial pursuit. The course is designed to provide all the vital tools that will help you enhance your managerial skills and allow you to realize your full potentials.

Course Details:

  • FREE 3 DAY  Masterclass

The Anchor

Having been in the business of mentoring women for many years, Kalpana Chandran is the anchor of this power-packed mentorship masterclass. She remains a motivational speaker, lifestyle entrepreneur, mindset coach, and founder of “A winner’s Mindset” amongst many things. This has placed her in the best position to give the best during this Mentorship Masterclass.

Coupled with her vast knowledge in the area of mentorship, she has also been working closely with her mentor Bob Proctor. This gives her the edge when delivering elite-level mentoring. She has since been impacting the lives of women at different levels and in different parts of the world.

Don’t miss an opportunity of a lifetime to grab the secrets to success.

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