Pioneering Breakthroughs, Using Proven Foundations

The Experts behind Quantum Leapers are networked with a diverse range of the World’s Top Mentoring and Leadership Giants. That gives you access to a vast resource of proven systems and tools and connects you to a Systematic RoadMap, a Mentoring Master Plan, an Auto-Achiever Blueprint, and various Achieving Packages that are exclusive to Quantum Leapers!

All these will empower you to Become Independent and eventually Rise To Become a Legacy Maker on your own!

Getting to Know Me

The Pioneering Spirit within Individuals spurs them to Keep Evolving.

Kalpana Chandran, known fondly as KC, is the Founder of “A Winner’s Mindset (AWM). After dedicating the past 15 years to Unprecedented Research and Refining of Masterful Techniques,  KC has developed “Quantum Leapers”, yet another Mentorship & Leadership Organization with a Mission to Empower and Raise Individuals from Where They Are to Where They Deserve To Be!

KC has firmly established a reputation for being the force behind numerous successful Achievers, with a Dedicated Passion for Journeying Personally and Professionally to ensure that all those who come to her benefit from her wealth of experience and unique skills as a motivational speaker, high-performance mindset and success coach, lifestyle entrepreneur, and much, much more.

She holds both Decades of Practical Experience as an Elite Level Success Coach, associated with the world-famous Proctor Gallagher Institute (PGI). In addition, she has a string of related Academic and Professional Qualifications.

(PGI is a global organization based in the US operating in 89 countries worldwide. Working closely with her mentor Bob Proctor, KC is one of the few fully licensed PGI Consultants and Elite-Level Success Coach in the United Kingdom and Europe.)

Her desire to keep evolving and rising to new heights made her switch from serving as a Qualified UK Solicitor and Barrister at a Global Law Firm in London to channel all her skills into Pioneering Empowerment Programs.

Her exposure to the plight of abused and exploited individuals and entrepreneurs inspired her to Create Quantum Leapers to offer that Breakthrough Opportunity to all individuals to Rising to the Heights they were naturally capable of in achieving their personal, professional, and financial goals in the shortest time using a proven formula called “Thinking into Results”.

She is also currently the Quantum Leapers Podcast series host, helping countless people Reach and Achieve their elusive Goals and Dreams.


Proctor Gallagher Consultant & Elite Level Success Coach | Proctor Gallagher Institute

Double Accredited Trainer | Institute of Leadership & Management

Certified Knowledge Manager | KM Institute | Winner’s Circle

Dual Qualified Solicitor & Barrister | UK Qualified