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Soar to New Heights

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Are you ready to unblock those limiting beliefs and sabotages that are getting in your way?

Course Description

This program offers a transformative experience through a 3-Day intensive program. We provide a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on personal and professional development, enabling participants to unleash their full potential. Through a combination of interactive workshops, expert coaching, and practical exercises, attendees gain valuable skills, insights, and strategies to propel themselves forward.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recall the concept of the Winner's Image and cybernetics in relation to building a strong self-image.
2 Explain the learning process and its relation to building a strong self-image.
3 Examine the winning process to achieving their Winner's Image.


Target Audience

This program is designed for Self-Improvers who aspire to break free from their limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours. It is for individuals who are determined to take charge of their lives and achieve their goals by unleashing their true potential. Whether you are facing challenges in your personal life or seeking to excel in your professional pursuits, this program is for anyone ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth.


Course Prerequisite

It is open to all individuals who are eager to unblock limiting beliefs and overcome self-sabotage to unlock their winning potential and achieve success in their personal and professional lives.

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 Delivered by Proctor Gallagher Institute (PGI) Certified Consultant

Topics for This Course

  • Achieves Learning Outcome 1
  • This session combines the concepts of cybernetics and self-image emphasises the importance of building a strong Winner's Image.

  • Achieves Learning Outcomes 1, 2
  • This session focuses on the process of winning and emphasises the idea that success is achievable through learning and growth.

  • Achieves Learning Outcomes 2, 3
  • This session focuses on the process of turning a fantasy into reality and emphasises the practical steps that participants can take to build their Winner's Image.



  1.  Product Development 
  2. Manufacturing 
  3. Financial Services 
  4. Healthcare 
  5. Consulting 
  6. Retail 
  7. Government 
  8. Non-Profit Organisations
  9. Marketing, Sales and Advertising 
  10. Education 
  11. Telecommunications 
  12. Construction
  13. Software Development
  14. Information Technology