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Driving Change - Mindset for Lasting Impact

Driving Change: Mindset for Lasting Impact

Are you ready to create a plan that will simplify how you work so that everything feels so much easier?

Course Description

In this transformative 2-day program, we unleash change-driving mindsets among leaders. Participants explore innovative approaches, challenge conventional thinking, and develop the skills necessary to lead transformative change within their organizations. Through practical exercises and expert guidance, leaders gain the confidence and strategies to drive lasting impact.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recall the 333 ideas exercise to generate ideas.
2 Identify their success paradigm to increase their chances of achieving their goal.
3 Examine their activities before starting to leverage their time, energy, and resources to achieve their goal more efficiently.


Target Audience

Leaders, Aspiring Leaders, and Change Agents committed to creating lasting impact through transformative change.


Course Prerequisite

Intended for leaders, aspiring leaders, and change agents with experience in driving change.


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 Delivered by Proctor Gallagher Institute (PGI) Certified Consultant

Topics for This Course

  • Achieves Learning Outcome 1
  • How to break your year into quarters. The importance of having a big vision and small milestones.

  • Achieves Learning Outcomes 1
  • The importance of being flexible with time frames. Reverse engineering your goal. Blocking out time to achieve your goal.

  • Achieves Learning Outcome 1
  • 333 ideas exercise. How to come up with ideas to achieve your goal.

  • Achieves Learning Outcome 2
  • The importance of working in harmony with your goal.

  • Achieves Learning Outcome 2
  • The four elements of persistence. The Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard.

  • Achieves Learning Outcome 2
  • Writing a description of yourself having already achieved the goal. Building confidence through consistent action.

  • Achieves Learning Outcome 3
  • Planning the whole year before it starts. Mapping out your week and eradicating procrastination.

  • Achieves Learning Outcome 3
  • How to leverage your time, energy, and resources.

  • Achieves Learning Outcome 3
  • How to communicate effectively with people. Building relationships that support your goals.

  • Achieves Learning Outcome 3
  • The importance of investing in yourself. How to continually grow and develop.



  1.  Product Development 
  2. Manufacturing 
  3. Financial Services 
  4. Healthcare 
  5. Consulting 
  6. Retail 
  7. Government 
  8. Non-Profit Organisations
  9. Marketing, Sales and Advertising 
  10. Education 
  11. Telecommunications 
  12. Construction
  13. Software Development
  14. Information Technology