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Driving Change-2

Driving Change: Change Maker's Guide

Are you ready to create a plan where everything feels so much easier?

Course Description

This immersive program is designed to empower professionals by offering practical tools and strategies for personal and professional growth. Dive into an action-packed curriculum that promises to keep you engaged, inspired, and ready to achieve your highest potential.

Learning Outcomes

  • Structure and align daily actions with long-term goals.
2 Master the art of generating innovative ideas and adapting to changing circumstances.
3 Develop building blocks to foster an unshakeable attitude and a winning self-image to overcome challenges.


Target Audience

  • > Aspiring and Established Professionals seeking to enhance their strategic planning and goal-setting skills
  • > Team Leaders and Managers looking to foster creativity and resilience in their teams
  • > Entrepreneurs eager to align their actions with business goals
  • > Individuals in Transition navigating career changes or personal growth



Course Prerequisite

Intended for leaders, aspiring leaders, and change agents with experience in driving change.


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 Delivered by Proctor Gallagher Institute (PGI) Certified Consultant

Topics for This Course

  • Crafting a Vision

  • Reverse engineering your goal

  • Unleashing Creative Thinking

  • Working in harmony with your goal

  • Cultivating persistence

  • Rewriting your power life script

  • Mapping out and eradicating procrastination

  • Leveraging time, energy, and resources.

  • Building relationships that support your goals

  • Importance of investing in yourself



  1.  Product Development 
  2. Manufacturing 
  3. Financial Services 
  4. Healthcare 
  5. Consulting 
  6. Retail 
  7. Government 
  8. Non-Profit Organisations
  9. Marketing, Sales and Advertising 
  10. Education 
  11. Telecommunications 
  12. Construction
  13. Software Development
  14. Information Technology